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12 July 2024

Our Story

Once upon a December night in 2019, Sam and Goldie met at a two-stepping event. Sam was the instructor, and Goldie was eager to learn. Little did they know, that first dance would be the beginning of a lifelong love story. From that moment on, they danced through life together, finding joy in every step. And now, they invite you to join them as they celebrate their love and commitment, promising to be each other’s forever dance partner.

2 Years Together

Two years of love, laughter, and endless memories.

50+ Romantic Dates

Fifty plus romantic dates, painting a picture of love and lasting memories.

Honeymoon Soon

Honeymoon soon, where dreams will come true and love will soar.


2 Years Together

Two years together and we still can’t agree on who is the best uno player.


He Proposed, She Said Yes

Our hearts found their perfect harmony, and now we’re dancing hand-in-hand towards forever!


First Sports Game

Chiefs fans in the making! Our first Chiefs game was a touchdown of unforgettable memories and roaring excitement!


First Concert

From ‘Every Little Step’ to ‘My Prerogative,’ our first Bobby Brown concert was incredible.


Our Lovestory Photossesion

Through every click of the camera, our hearts posed together, narrating the tale of our love with smiles, glances, and stolen kisses!

Our Friend

Bridesmaides &

Lily O’conell


Gladys Kanyinda

Samuel & Goldie's Wedding Day

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