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12 July 2024

Everything You Need To Know

Dress to impress in your most elegant BLACK attire. We can’t wait to see you looking dapper and sophisticated!

Regrettably, due to the constraints of our event, we kindly request that you attend without a guest if they have not received a formal invitation.

RSVP’s can be made on our “you’re invited” page

We’ve reserved room blocks at both the Sheraton and Westin locations downtown. Visit our hotel page for further information and booking details. 

With utmost appreciation for your presence on our special day, we kindly request that guests honor our wedding theme by wearing elegant BLACK attire. Your cooperation in adhering to this request will add to the timeless and sophisticated ambiance of our celebration. Thank you for being a part of our cherished moment

While Kansas City offers an abundance of dining options, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on some outstanding Black-owned restaurants. Click here!

Samuel & Goldie's Wedding Day

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